Virafibre Brush

Single brush: £8.95
Box of 6:  £47.95 – save over10%

Can be used as a replacement for antibac gels and wipes – 4 brush strokes destroys coronavirus, bacteria, viruses and fungus.

Protect yourself, your family, and those around you – easily, quickly and safely. 


Available in boxes of 1, or save more than 10% on a box of 6.

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  • Soft and comfortable on your skin
  • Avoids using liquid gels and sanitisers, perfect for air travel
  • Destroys all variants of Coronavirus
  • Chemical-free - nothing is released from the brush and odour-free
  • Quick, clean, easy - four passes of the brush destroys 99% of viruses

Please note, excessive brushing with any brush could cause dryness. Brush gently over open wounds. Virafibre does not cause any known side effects, because it does not release any chemical or biological activity.

Product Care

Virafibre remains active indefinitely, wash brush fibres occasionally in hot soapy water. Do not allow contact with bleach. Always wash fibres if visibly dirty. Tip: Brush fibres are delicate materials that can be damaged under consistent pressure. Should this occur a hair drier may help your fibres recover their shape.