Frequently Asked

How does the brush work?

The ViraFibre brushes stab microbes with tiny spikes, physically killing them. Kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and fungus safely without chemicals and works indefinitely. It achieves what a disinfectant achieves but instead of a wipe, a liquid or a gel it’s a solid (it’s a brush) and therefore safe to use.

How long does it take to work?

With just 4 passes of the brush greater than 99% of viruses are killed.

How often do I need to use the brush?

Brush your hands immediately after touching items that others may have touched especially in public areas with high traffic. Brush shared work areas daily, concentrating on items regularly touched eg Photocopiers

What are the bristles made of?

Virafibre® is made from Polypropylene fibres with spikes added to their surface. Virafibre® is free from chemicals and is odour-free.

What can I use it on and how often do I need to use it?

Virafibre can be used on any hard or soft surface, skin, and under water. It should be used as part of a regular infection prevention control regime.

How do I keep the brush clean?

Wash brush fibres occasionally in hot soapy water. Do not wash with bleach. Wash when visibly dirty.

With daily use where hygienic cleaning has been on visibly clean surfaces a daily rinse in hot water is sufficient. Should the brush also have been used to brush dirty surfaces (yes it can still be used as a cleaning brush), then rinse in hot, soapy water.

Do I need to where gloves when I use it?

There is no need to wear gloves, the product has no known side effects.

How do you use it?

Use four strokes of the brush to any surface to instantly kill viruses and bacteria (>99%). Vary the direction of your brush strokes to maximise surface contact. The brushing action brings the fibres into contact with the viruses and bacteria and physically stabs and kills them.

On irregular shaped objects or surfaces alter the angles of your brushing to ensure full contact with the surface. The bristles will naturally flex to find as much contact as possible to make Virafibre very easy to use.

Is it more effective than a sanitiser or disinfectant?

Virafibre achieves what a disinfectant achieves but instead of a wipe, a liquid or a gel it’s a solid (it’s a brush) and therefore safe to use.

– Does it contain harmful chemicals?

ViraFibre does not contain any harmful chemicals. Nothing leaches out of the fibre therefore Virafibre Virafibre has no known side affects and does not pollute the environment.

Will it give me a skin irritation or rash?

Almost certainly not – there have been no reported cases. However, excessive brushing with any brush could cause dryness. It is worth trying the brush on skin irritations.

How long does the brush work for?

Virafibre® remains active indefinitely. It is essential that the fibres are not cleaned with bleach. Bleach breaks down the spikes that physically kill microbes and viruses.

If you are in any situation where you would wash your hands but don’t have water, or just want a quick, easy solution to being clean hygienically, then brush at that moment. It might be 3 times in a day or 50, generally with each use lasting between 10 seconds and a minute depending upon what is being cleaned.

Just brush and you’re done!

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DO NOT CLEAN WITH BLEACH. Products containing bleach break down the Virafibre spikes