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How does it work?
Virafibre works by stabbing microbes with tiny spikes, physically killing them. Kills 99.99% of enveloped viruses (including Coronavirus), bacteria (eg MRSA) and fungus; safely, without chemicals, and works indefinitely. Virafibre is a new clean technology. Effective but safe and easy to use everywhere.
Step 1 - brush skin or surfaces

Step 1

Brush over surface, skin or object.
Step 2 - The tiny spikes stab the bacteria, fungus and viruses.

Step 2

The tiny spikes stab the bacteria, fungus and viruses.
Step 3- The bacteria, fungus and viruses are destroyed.

Step 3

The bacteria, fungus and viruses are destroyed.
What does Virafibre brush kill?
Virafibre is proven to kill all enveloped viruses, including all variants of Coronavirus. Commonly it is enveloped viruses that cause disease. Virafibre is proven to kill all bacteria and fungus. Virafibre is extremely affective (>99%) on a wide variety of pathogens including enveloped viruses, bacteria, fungus and mycotoxins.
What does Virafibre Brush contain?
The bristles are made from Polypropylene with spikes added to their surface. Virafibre is free from chemicals and nothing is released. This results in zero chemical waste and makes the product safe and clean.


TESTING conducted by BlueTest Laboratories, Glasgow using Vale Brother’s Virafibre polypropylene brush fibres (kbf99) – has concluded that this product meets a modified EN 16777:2018 guideline for effective deactivation of the Coronavirus. ViraFibre® has been tested and shown after 4 brush strokes to effectively eliminate >99% and >99.99% after just 1 minute’s brushing.

Virafibre meets the criteria of being effective against pathogenic microorganisms , including E. Coli in accordance with the standard test for Anti-Microbial Activity ISO 22196:2007 during tests done by Coventry University

Just brush and you’re done!

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DO NOT CLEAN WITH BLEACH. Products containing bleach break down the Virafibre spikes